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FortiVoice FF-60b Bluetooth Module for FON-550i Phone
FortiVoice FF-60b Bluetooth Module for FON-550i Phone
MSRP: $149.00

Product Code: FF-60B

With this module, up to 5 Bluetooth® headsets can be paired with a FON-550i phone. Just plug the FF-60b directly into the top of the phone; no screws, no hassles. When using a good quality headset, you will be able to control the On/Off hook status of the phone using the headset. The range of a Bluetooth headset used with the FON-550i is approximately 30 feet (10m). Range and quality will vary depending on obstacles and other wireless devices in close proximity.

•Headsets must support version Bluetooth v1.2 or higher.
•Stereo headsets are not supported.
•We recommend headsets with a built-in volume control.
•We recommend headsets with echo cancellation technology to ensure optimum quality.
•In noisy environments, headsets with noise cancellation technology are recommended.

In order to operate the FF-60b Bluetooth module, the FON-550i must be running firmware version 1.1.06 or higher.