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Live Customization and Training
Live Customization and Training
MSRP: $300.00

Product Code: 18


Talkswitch/FortiVoice Customization Service  Live factory-trained technicians will personally configure and fine-tune your Talkswitch system to your exact specifications.  Our technicians will remain with you until your Talkswitch/FortiVoice system is 100% fully configured to your needs.

While Talkswitch/FortiVoice is a wonderful and very intuitive phone system to use, it still takes an experienced Technician 45 minutes, minimum, to configure Talkswitch/FortiVoice for your company’s specific needs. An unassisted person, new to Talkswitch, should be prepared to spend about 4 hours, depending on their individual skills and expertise.

Each Talkswitch/FortiVoice system comes with a 200+ page manual, numerous technical guides, white papers, troubleshooting guides, and explanations of terminology – all totaling hundreds of pages of Technical Information.