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Two Professional Automated Attendant Recordings MSRP: $300.00
Two Professional Automated Attendant Recordings  MSRP: $300.00
MSRP: $300.00

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Product Code: 1701

The audio portion of your Automated Attendant can be recorded by two methods:

First, you can simply pick-up a telephone handset, type in the proper code and record your greeting using your telephone handset - this is similar in function and audio quality to leaving a voice mail message.

Alternatively, an audio .wav file can be uploaded into your FortiVoice system.

Free, with the purchase of your new FortiVoice system from Best Deal FortiVoice, we include two Professionally recorded Automated Attendant .wav file recordings - customized specifically for your company using professional actors.

These professionally quality Automated Attendant recordings will present your company in a strong and professional manner - giving your clients a solid image of your company.

Note: These files are no longer than 45 seconds long; include only one male or female voice; no music is included; sub-menu audio files, such as special announcements, are not included. Also, scripts must for the free recordings must be submitted within 12 months of the purchase of your FortiVoice system.