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Using the TS-350i / TS-550i Phones (User Guides)
TS-350i Start Guide   TS-350i User Guide   TS-350i Functions / Cheat Sheet   TS-550i Start Guide   TS-550i User Guide   TS-550i Functions / Chea
IP Phone / Extension not working "User Busy"
If the IP phone is registered to the system and doesn't have any error messages, but you can not utilize the IP phone for calls, and get "User busy" or "Unavailable" message, the resorce my be hung i
Using TS-9133i or TS-9143i or TS-9112i or TS-480i Phones (User Guides)
TS-9133i Installation Guide   Using The TS-9133i Phone   TS- 9112i Installation Guide   TS-9112i Reference Card   TS-9133i TS-9143i TS-9112i Functions
Deactivating Users and Extensions
If using TalkSwitch Management Software 6.50: go to Local Extensions / Fax under the Configuration Menu on the left side of the page.  Select the extension from the list and click the Remov
Talkswitch IP Telephones - End-User Training Videos (7 videos)
Talkswitch IP Phones- End User Training Videos Playlist
TalkSwitch IP Telephones - User Privileges
Unable to Log into Account
Periodically, clients with an existing account with Best Deal Talkswitch are not able to log into their account, even though they are using the correct User Name and Password.   When this
Adding Telephone Lines
TELEPHONE LINES The Telephone Lines page allows you to set up the telephone numbers, telephone company services, and call handling for each telephone line. You can also calibrate the TalkSwitch
Phone Utility - Upgrade Firmware
Download this .exe file and then install the software, you will need to click Log In without typing in a username and password.  Run the phone utility and it will find the TalkSwitch on your net
Extension Can't Receive Calls
The first thing to check is to make sure that the TalkSwitch is on the most recent version of firmware.  If it is not, make sure to upate it.  If the firmware is updated than follow the ins
Can't Make or Receive Calls From Extension
If you are experiencing an issue where a single extension cannot make or receive calls perform the following.  Please note, if this is a system-wide issue where are phones cannot make or re
Fraudulent Call Mitigation For Phone Systems
Fraudulent Call Mitigation For Phone Systems   Recently, phone companies have increasingly been warning their customers about criminal
How to Delete a Voice Mailbox Password or Reset Voice Mailbox
If you need to delete a user's password on a voicemail box or completely reset a voicemail box (this deletes all messages, greeting, and password) perform the following:   -  Log into
How to Update the TalkSwitch Management Software and Firmware
Step 1:   If you have an existing version of TalkSwitch software installed on your PC, launch your TalkSwitch software, and use   File > Save to File   to store your current TalkSwi
Adding TS-350i, TS-450i, and TS-550i IP Phones
ADDING TALKSWITCH TS-350i, TS-450i AND TS-550i IP PHONES Connecting the TalkSwitch IP phone to the network 1. Connect a network cable between the LAN port on the phone (marked ) and your net
Unable to Dial Out - Access Code Message
If you hear a message saying that an access code is required when trying to dial out on an outside line perform the following:   1)  Open the TalkSwitch Management Software and login
Adding WAV Files to TalkSwitch System
Below are the steps to upload an audio file for an auto attendant greeting, voicemail box message, or music on hold.   Please note the audio file must be in 8khz, 8 bit, mono, u-law, format and
Programming TS-9133i or TS-9143i Function Keys
Step 1:   Log in to the TalkSwitch by using the latest version of the TalkSwitch Management Software.   Step 2:   Click on Local Extensions / Fax under the Configuration Men
Programming TS-480i Softkeys
Step 1:   Log in to the TalkSwitch by using the latest version of the TalkSwitch Management Software.   Step 2:   Click on Local Extensions / Fax under the Configuration Men