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IP Phone Will Not Register
First, open the Talkswitch management software, and click Local Extensions. Click on the extension that will not register. Make a change to the extension (example: delete a letter of the name, and re
TS-450i/TS-550i Phone Locked (Screen is blank)
If you are having an issue with a TS-450i/TS-550i that the phone has locked up or the screen is blank but there is power, a phone lock-up may be caused by a communications error during a firmware upgr
TS-850i Error: "No IP address" and "Ethernet disconnected"
If you are experiencing this error with your TS-850i, the following steps can be done to troubleshoot the issue: Test the Ethernet port out on your router/modem to make sure the port is working. Make
Line Calibration / Optimization
Line optimization For the best call audio quality and volume levels, your TalkSwitch system parameters must be matched to your telephone lines. The  Line Optimization area offers two calib
Configuring an External IP Phone
First, you will need to know the Public IP address of the location where the TalkSwitch system is installed.  The TalkSwitch system must have the necessary hardware and must be configured to all
Phone Utility - Upgrade Firmware
Download this .exe file and then install the software, you will need to click Log In without typing in a username and password.  Run the phone utility and it will find the TalkSwitch on your net
Fraudulent Call Mitigation For Phone Systems
Fraudulent Call Mitigation For Phone Systems   Recently, phone companies have increasingly been warning their customers about criminal
Static/Echo/Low Audio on the Phones
If callers are reporting low audio, static, or echoing on calls through the TalkSwitch perform the following steps:   1)  Make sure the TalkSwitch system is using the latest firmware.
Talkswitch / Fortivoice 350i or 550i IP Phone Not Booting Up
To fully restore a 350i or 550i phones, follow the instructions below. Should you require further assistance with your TalkSwitch / Fotivoice product, Please call toll free 1-866-393-9960. V
How to Update the TalkSwitch Management Software and Firmware
Step 1:   If you have an existing version of TalkSwitch software installed on your PC, launch your TalkSwitch software, and use   File > Save to File   to store your current TalkSwi
Adding TS-350i, TS-450i, and TS-550i IP Phones
ADDING TALKSWITCH TS-350i, TS-450i AND TS-550i IP PHONES Connecting the TalkSwitch IP phone to the network 1. Connect a network cable between the LAN port on the phone (marked ) and your net
Programming TS-450i Function Keys
Step 1:   Log in to the TalkSwitch by using the latest version of the TalkSwitch Management Software.   Step 2:   Click on Local Extensions / Fax under the Configuration Men
Programming TS-550i Function Keys
Step 1:   Log in to the TalkSwitch by using the latest version of the TalkSwitch Management Software.   Step 2:   Click on Local Extensions / Fax under the Configuration Men
Web Recovery Solution
Web Recovery Solution This procedure describes how to restore the firmware of a TalkSwitch ® TS-9112 i, TS-9133i or TS-480i IP phone. This is required if the firmware of a TalkSwitch IP phone b
Configuring Auto Route Selection (ARS) to Block International Calling
If you would like to block users within the TalkSwitch system from making international calls you can configure the Auto Route Selection (ARS) to do so.   Step 1:   Log in to the Talk
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Static on the Line (Hardware Troubleshooting)
This article is to describe troubleshooting for line issues after all software and basic steps have been performed. The number one cause of static is an issue with the wiring itself. It may need to b
Using the Phonebook Directory via TalkSwitch Handset
Phone Book The phone supports 80 contacts that can be entered via the phone or via the web interface. Each contact can have a ring type assigned. When a call is received from the contact, the
Ring Settings
Ring Settings The IP phone has 9 ring tones and a no ring ( Disable Ringe r) option for incoming call notification. There is also the option to assign each phone book record one of the ri
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