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Accessing Voice Mailbox from Outside Line
There are three ways in which a user can access their Voice Mailbox from any phone: Through the Auto Attendant Through a call transfer Dialing a General Voice Mailbox To access a Voice Mailbox through
Adding Telephone Lines
TELEPHONE LINES The Telephone Lines page allows you to set up the telephone numbers, telephone company services, and call handling for each telephone line. You can also calibrate the TalkSwitch
Configuring Analog Telephone Lines
CONFIGURE TELEPHONE LINES Set up your telephone lines to route incoming calls to an auto attendant, extensions or a voice mailbox. 1. Select Telephone Lines . 2. Click Unit 1, Line 1
Configuring Auto Route Selection (ARS) to Block International Calling
If you would like to block users within the TalkSwitch system from making international calls you can configure the Auto Route Selection (ARS) to do so.   Step 1:   Log in to the Talk
Fraudulent Call Mitigation For Phone Systems
Fraudulent Call Mitigation For Phone Systems   Recently, phone companies have increasingly been warning their customers about criminal
Issues dialing out - Message from Phone Company
When dialing 9 + (digits) and hearing a message from the phone company saying that the number cannot be completed as dialed or requires additional digits try the following steps:   1) &nbs
Line Calibration / Optimization
Line optimization For the best call audio quality and volume levels, your TalkSwitch system parameters must be matched to your telephone lines. The  Line Optimization area offers two calib
Static on the Line (Hardware Troubleshooting)
This article is to describe troubleshooting for line issues after all software and basic steps have been performed. The number one cause of static is an issue with the wiring itself. It may need to b
Static/Echo/Low Audio on the Phones
If callers are reporting low audio, static, or echoing on calls through the TalkSwitch perform the following steps:   1)  Make sure the TalkSwitch system is using the latest firmware.
Talkswitch Static (Gigabit Switch connection)
The Talkswitch System has been known to have issues with connecting to a Gigabit Switch.  This is due to the fact that the Gigabit switch sends information at a much larger rate and speed than th
Unable to Dial Out - Access Code Message
If you hear a message saying that an access code is required when trying to dial out on an outside line perform the following:   1)  Open the TalkSwitch Management Software and login