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350I, 450I, 550I Firmware Recovery
To fully restore 350i, 450i or 550i phones please follow the instructions below. Should you require further assistance please login and create ticket at .  Please
860I handset and base pairing / registration issues
In order to register a handset to a base, both devices need to be looking for each other.  1. Put a base into registration mode by holding down the reset button for a quick count of 3 on the back
860I wireless base station is not receiving an IP address
On the base station make sure the Inet light is lit solid green. If the light is not lit there is a physical Ethernet connection problem. By default the 860I base station is set to receive the IP add
Accessing Voice Mailbox from Outside Line
There are three ways in which a user can access their Voice Mailbox from any phone: Through the Auto Attendant Through a call transfer Dialing a General Voice Mailbox To access a Voice Mailbox through
Adding Remote Extensions (To Call Outside Cell Phones or Land Lines)
REMOTE EXTENSIONS A remote extension reaches an external phone by automatically selecting a line from a hunt group and dialing the phone number. For example, a remote extension could reach an e
Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail Not Working- Language Options Problems
Occasionally, when updating your TalkSwitch software, the language options will not properly update. This will cause the auto attendant, voicemail and other TalkSwitch features that rely on the lan
Backing up you Talkswitch Configuration
It is always a good idea to backup your Talkswitch Configuration in case of error or when making changes.  In order to do this, you need to save your configuration to your computer.  To save
Best Deal Talkswitch - Technical Support Plans
Best Deal Talkswitch offers three-levels of Technical Services.   Platinum-Level Administrative Services Support Plan With the Platinum-Level Administrative Support Plan (a fee-based&nb
Can't Access Voicemail
If you are unable to dial into a voicemail box perform the following actions: Make sure that the TalkSwitch is on the most recent version of firmware.  If it is not, you will need to update i
Can't Make or Receive Calls From Extension
If you are experiencing an issue where a single extension cannot make or receive calls perform the following.  Please note, if this is a system-wide issue where are phones cannot make or re
Cannot Connect Through the TalkSwitch Management Software
When opening the TalkSwitch Management Software and the auto discovery is unable to find the TalkSwitch and says No TalkSwitch system detected on USB or the LAN follow these steps.  This is comm
Cannot connect with management software due to IP address
If you cannot connect to the Talkswitch / Fortivoice system due to an IP address issue, and the Software is not detecting the system, directly connect the system to the PC with an Ethernet cable. The
Changing the Date and Time of the TalkSwitch System
To change/configure the date and time: 1) Go to the About Section under Global Settings on the Configuration Menu and Click the "System Time" hyperlink. 2) Select the current date and manually enter i
Changing Unit ID of a Talkswitch / Fortivoice System
Using an analog phone Connect an analog phone to one of the E (extension) ports on the back of the unit Lift the handset then press FLASH button Dial # ( system may ask you for the unit password )
Configuring an Auto Attendant Menu
AUTO ATTENDANTS (MENUS) An auto attendant can answer a telephone line or VoIP number, and can be included in the call cascade of a local extension, remote extension or ring group. An auto at
Configuring an External IP Phone
First, you will need to know the Public IP address of the location where the TalkSwitch system is installed.  The TalkSwitch system must have the necessary hardware and must be configured to all
Configuring Auto Route Selection (ARS) to Block International Calling
If you would like to block users within the TalkSwitch system from making international calls you can configure the Auto Route Selection (ARS) to do so.   Step 1:   Log in to the Talk
If you have setup a remote extension and the handset can recieve calls, but there is no sound when answered. A firewall/router on the talkswitch system side or on the remote extension side is blocki
CP Log
When receiving support from Talkswitch/Fortinet, they commonly ask for a CP Log of your system.  Please follow the instructions below for the CP logging: Go to the following directory to acc
Date and Time issue on TalkSwicth / FortiVoice systems
Date and Time on FortiVoice systems The date and time on FortiVoice systems may be incorrect as of January 1st, 2013. This can affect the date and time on the phones associated with the system, and m