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860I handset and base pairing / registration issues
In order to register a handset to a base, both devices need to be looking for each other.  1. Put a base into registration mode by holding down the reset button for a quick count of 3 on the back
Adding an Additional TalkSwitch Unit to the Network
You can have up to 4 TalkSwitch units networked together on the same LAN. Connect unit 1 to the LAN (either by connecting to the network router or network switch) and connect the remaining units only
Adding Remote Extensions (To Call Outside Cell Phones or Land Lines)
REMOTE EXTENSIONS A remote extension reaches an external phone by automatically selecting a line from a hunt group and dialing the phone number. For example, a remote extension could reach an e
Adding Telephone Lines
TELEPHONE LINES The Telephone Lines page allows you to set up the telephone numbers, telephone company services, and call handling for each telephone line. You can also calibrate the TalkSwitch
Adding TS-350i, TS-450i, and TS-550i IP Phones
ADDING TALKSWITCH TS-350i, TS-450i AND TS-550i IP PHONES Connecting the TalkSwitch IP phone to the network 1. Connect a network cable between the LAN port on the phone (marked ) and your net
Adding WAV Files to TalkSwitch System
Below are the steps to upload an audio file for an auto attendant greeting, voicemail box message, or music on hold.   Please note the audio file must be in 8khz, 8 bit, mono, u-law, format and
Best Deal Talkswitch - Technical Support Plans
Best Deal Talkswitch offers three-levels of Technical Services.   Platinum-Level Administrative Services Support Plan With the Platinum-Level Administrative Support Plan (a fee-based&nb
Bluetooth Pairing Issues
The Talkswitch 550i IP phones are the only phones that support the 60b bluetooth add-on module. The Talkswitch 60b does not support A2DP. A2DP is a bluetooth technology created to allow bluetooth
Changing the Date and Time of the TalkSwitch System
To change/configure the date and time: 1) Go to the About Section under Global Settings on the Configuration Menu and Click the "System Time" hyperlink. 2) Select the current date and manually enter i
Changing Unit ID of a Talkswitch / Fortivoice System
Using an analog phone Connect an analog phone to one of the E (extension) ports on the back of the unit Lift the handset then press FLASH button Dial # ( system may ask you for the unit password )
Configuring a Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 conference phone
Setup and Configure an IP 6000 conference phone Plug the conference phone into the network and power it on. wait for it to boot up. 1. Press the Menu button. 2. Press the 2 key on the phone, selectin
Configuring an Auto Attendant Menu
AUTO ATTENDANTS (MENUS) An auto attendant can answer a telephone line or VoIP number, and can be included in the call cascade of a local extension, remote extension or ring group. An auto at
Configuring an External IP Phone
First, you will need to know the Public IP address of the location where the TalkSwitch system is installed.  The TalkSwitch system must have the necessary hardware and must be configured to all
Configuring Analog Telephone Lines
CONFIGURE TELEPHONE LINES Set up your telephone lines to route incoming calls to an auto attendant, extensions or a voice mailbox. 1. Select Telephone Lines . 2. Click Unit 1, Line 1
Configuring Auto Route Selection (ARS) to Block International Calling
If you would like to block users within the TalkSwitch system from making international calls you can configure the Auto Route Selection (ARS) to do so.   Step 1:   Log in to the Talk
If you have setup a remote extension and the handset can recieve calls, but there is no sound when answered. A firewall/router on the talkswitch system side or on the remote extension side is blocki
Connecting PA system for overhead paging
For overhead paging, the TalkSwitch has a 3.5mm jack in the back that you can use to connect a PA system. The jack is labeled P/A. To initiate an overhead page through the connected P/A system, press
Deactivating Users and Extensions
If using TalkSwitch Management Software 6.50: go to Local Extensions / Fax under the Configuration Menu on the left side of the page.  Select the extension from the list and click the Remov
Error Message when opening Tallkswitch management software 6.12
If you receive a pop-up error similar to: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.ConversionException: Cannot construct CommonInfrastructure.BasicDataTypes.ElemInfo as it does not have a no-args construc
Fon-360I phone randomly disconnects or just quit working
The Fon 360I are only compatible with the FVC series phone systems running 7.30 or higher. If you are using the 7.20 version of the management software you will need to update your software and system