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Adding WAV Files to TalkSwitch System
Last Updated: 03/23/2012

Below are the steps to upload an audio file for an auto attendant greeting, voicemail box message, or music on hold.  Please note the audio file must be in 8khz, 8 bit, mono, u-law, format and saved as a .wav file.

Step 1:  Log into the TalkSwitch through the TalkSwitch Management Software.  Open the TalkSwitch Configuration and either click "Configure Auto-Detected TalkSwitch System" or "Connect to a System Via IP" if connecting remotely.  Enter a system password if needed.



Step 2:  Locate where you would like to upload the file (either a voicemail box or auto attendant or on old music file)


Auto Attendant:  Click on Auto Attendants on the left side under Configuration Menu.  Select which auto attendant from the table and click Load Greeting...


Voicemail Box: 


-  If loading a file for a user click on Local Extensions / Fax then select the extension from the list.  Click the Voicemail tab on the top right of the screen.  Click Load Greeting... button for the mailbox greeting


-  If loading a file for a general voicemail box click on General Voicemailboxes then select the mailbox from the list.  Click Load Greeting... button for the mailbox greeting


On Hold Music:  Click on On-Hold/Ringback then Load Wav File... button



Step 3:  Once the Select Wav File window opens click Browse... --> Find the WAV file on your PC --> Click Open --> Click Load


Step 4:  Save the configuration by clicking File --> Save

To convert a file you can do a search on the internet for MP3 to WAV Converter or audio file converter. 

Windows Sound Recorder (XP ONLY)

Sony's SoundForge is well suited program but not free. 

Some Free Programs you can use can be found here: 
Oxelon Media Converter  easy to use 


Note: This has not been full tested
Oxelon Media Converter 
you want to use: 
Media Format: WAV 
Audio Codec: PCM MULAW 
Audio Channels: Mono 
Sampling Rate: 8000 
Bit Rate: 64

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