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Using X-Lite softphone with a Talkswicth / Fortivoice system
Last Updated: 10/09/2013
Configuring the IP Extension 

Note: For external IP extensions you must map/forward ports to the Talkswitch/Fortinet system. 
  See: Configuring the router 
1. Launch the Management software 
2. click on configure auto-detected system 
3. click on "Local Extensions / Fax" 
4. Click Add 
5. Extension type: IP Extension 
6. Fill in the name fields & extension number, Manufacturer: Other, click finish 
7. "IP Extension Details" section 
Location: Internal, External, both
User name: user102 (newer versions may require numeric user name)
Password: pass102 <-- Default should be changed. (newer versions may require numeric password)
8. Configure the Call Handling
9. Click File --> Save 

If, you are going to be using X-lite externally, you will want to check the configuration.
A. Click on  "Troubleshooting" --> "VoIP"
B. SIP signalling port: 5060 <-- Default (if anything else is listed note the number)
C. Click ok
D. Click "IP Configuration"
E. Click "Check Firewall" --> "Test Ports" 
If you do not receive all green check marks See: Configuring the router 

Configuring the X-lite application

1. Download & Install the X-lite Application
2. Launch the X-lite Application
3. Click Softphone --> Account Settings
4. Fill in the account information
Account name: user102
Protocol: SIP (grayed out)
Allow this account for:
Call: (checked)
IM / Presence: (Unchecked)
User ID: 102
Domain: (LAN / WAN IP Address)
Password: pass102 (what you configured)
 Note: If  SIP signalling port from step B above is not 5060 you must use (:) port number (
Display name: Joe doe X-Lite
Authorization name: user102
Register with domain and receive calls: (checked)
Domain: (checked)
5. Click ok

Your X-lite should automatically register with the Talkswitch / Fortinet System.

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