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FortiVoice Call Reporting Basic

FortiVoice Call Reporting Basic
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Knowledge is power

Drill deep into your calling patterns with sophisticated, powerful reports that deliver the information you need to save money and manage your business more effectively.

The TalkSwitch Call Reporting application builds highly effective reports about the call activity of your TalkSwitch system. With the power to reveal details about who is making and taking your calls, how long they last, how much they cost and more, TalkSwitch Call Reporting is an essential tool for managing your telephone usage.

Better than your phone bill

TalkSwitch Call Reporting delivers more granular information than your typical phone bill, and you don’t have to wait a month. Your reports are available whenever you want them, and you can run them over any time frame you like; the last hour, day, week, month or year — even in real time!

Your phone bill may list the outgoing calls for your entire business, but with TalkSwitch Call Reporting, you can drill right down to the calls made by each person and each department in your office.

All events on your TalkSwitch system — including transfers, calls on hold, and time spent in a queue, are tracked and reportable through the easy-to-use TalkSwitch Call Reporting interface.

You can also generate reports on all incoming calls. Who answered each call, who the call came from (caller ID), duration, incoming ring times, lost (unanswered) calls, and even calls to your advertised directory numbers.

More than just reports

TalkSwitch Call Reporting gives you more than just reports. You can use the information to bill clients for calls with built-in account codes, schedule reports to be e-mailed automatically when you want them and monitor real-time call activity of particular departments such as your sales or support center.

There are also archive and restore functions, so you can maintain and access your call records without worrying.

The Premium version of TalkSwitch Call Reporting also includes support for hotel/motel guest check-in/check-out one-click billing (with the ability to control calling rates), support for multiple location reporting and e-mail alerts on prohibited activities.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Like all TalkSwitch products, Call Reporting is designed to make things easy. Its intuitive interface and built-in help files ensure that you’ll be generating reports in minutes. TalkSwitch Call Reporting takes data generated by the TalkSwitch system’s CDR feature and makes it simple to use and understand.

This is a license-coded application

You will receive a license code via e-mail or on a printed card. You can activate your application when you receive your license code. There's no waiting around for the courier to deliver your new product and there are no shipping costs for license codes that are delivered by e-mail.

Extension (Detailed and Summary) • •
Department (Detailed and Summary) • •
Ring Time (Detailed and Summary) • •
Line (Trunk) (Detailed and Summary) • •
Top 30 (6 different reports) • •
Cost Comparison • •
Abandoned (Unanswered calls) • •
Half-Hour Summary • •
Monthly Summary • •
Extension Cost Mark-up/Discount • •
Call Log • •
Re-Cost • •
Number Search • •
Account and PIN Codes • •
Destination Summary • •
All Lines (Trunks) Busy • •
External Call Forward • •
Activity Alert (Prohibited Calls) •
Hotel Guest Check-out •
Database Archive and Restore • •
Scheduled Reports (E-mail, Printer, File) • •
Department Activity Screen (Traffic) • •
Multi-Site Reporting •