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FortiVoice Console

FortiVoice Console
MSRP: $399.00

Product Code: FVC-CONSOLE-1


Complete call control from your PC

TalkSwitch Attendant Console is a software application that enables users to monitor and manage calls directly from their PCs. Designed to facilitate the receptionist function without the expense of additional hardware, the Attendant Console can provide all users of the system with total call control, along with a view of their call queue and the status of lines and extensions. Team managers can monitor call activity and owners can analyze line utilization for maximum efficiency. Plus, with its intuitive interface and built-in help files, the Attendant Console is easy to use.


See your calls

The My Calls window shows you information about calls to your extensions. Caller ID name and number, duration, status and whether a call is inbound or outbound. If you have more than one call, you can see the calls that are lined up for your extension. You can transfer calls directly from the My Calls list without answering them, and answer important calls first. TalkSwitch Attendant Console makes call control easy.

Control your calls

Hold, drag-and-drop transfer, transfer to voicemail, park or page ó the Attendant Console lets you manage multiple calls to your extension.

See your lines

Need to monitor your line or VoIP trunk usage? You can choose to view line status in the Lines window. See which lines are in use, available or currently ringing, and display by phone number or line number. Mouse over a line to see the Caller ID of the call in progress.

See your co-workers

The Extensions window shows you whoís on the phone and who isnít, so transferring is a snap. The icons change to indicate whether an extension is available, ringing, on hold, in use or on do not disturb. With a full view of the office call activity, itís easier to handle incoming calls smoothly, efficiently and professionally.

Instant message your co-workers

Got an important call waiting for someone whoís already on the phone? You can send an instant message to any co-worker running the Attendant Console to tell them that the second caller is waiting and even explain what the caller wants. Your co-workers get better information to choose how they handle their calls, so your callers get better service.

Great application, great pricing

At US$599 MSRP for a site license, the TalkSwitch Attendant Console is not only less expensive than most hardware consoles, it does something no hardware console could ever do ó provides every user with full functionality. One Attendant Console license covers all users in a single location, so for one low price, anyone using the TalkSwitch system can also use Attendant Console. And because itís software, thereís no need for expensive attendant phone sets.

License code convenience

This is a license-coded add-on. You must download and install the Attendant Console software before you can activate it.

When you buy it, you will receive your license code via e-mail or on a printed card. Follow the instructions that come with your license code to activate the Attendant Console. There's no waiting around for the courier to deliver your new application and there are no shipping costs for license codes that are delivered by e-mail.

TalkSwitch license codes and activation keys are generated with security in mind and tied to the system ID of your TalkSwitch, so you donít need to worry about fraudulent use or security issues. Weíve also built in capabilities to deactivate our software features, so if you make a mistake, we can fix it. If you ever need to uninstall a feature, just call our support team toll-free at 1.866.393.9960.